NCGP Co-Chair Tony Ndege Makes the Case for Political and Organizational Independence from the Democratic Party

CHAPEL HILL, February 27—North Carolina GP co-chair Tony Ndege (seated far left) speaks on the topic "Toward a New Party? A Discussion of Leftist Electoral Strategy" along with fellow panelists Lamont Lilly (Workers World Party 2016 VP nominee) and Durham city councilor Jillian Johnson (Durham for All). Panel discussion begins at minute 12:50 of the video below.

Tony's message: The left needs to break free of the Democratic Party and create its own political institutions, like the North Carolina Green Party, so that radical and progressive change won't get squashed within our own organizations by status quo, "pragmatic" Democrats in service to capitalist interests. The Green Party is a member-based, member-funded party with five chapters across the state. Join us at our Membership Page.

Thanks to NC Piedmont Democratic Socialists of America ( for organizing the event.

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