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***NOTE: Voters should write in Jill Stein for president in North Carolina. Write in "Jill Stein" and nothing more. Our campaign will not be featured on the ballot, but a write-in vote for Jill is valid and will be counted. Do not write in Ajamu Baraka's name or the Green Party name. If Jill wins 2% of the popular vote in North Carolina, this will establish a ballot line for the North Carolina Green Party.***

Want to know how you can help us keep the Revolution going? Here’s a list of volunteer initiatives you can get involved in. Sign up to become a volunteer at the bottom of this page!


Want to get in touch with activists in your area? Contact the statewide volunteer coordinator and use the following resources:

State Volunteer Coordinator

Tony Ndege
[email protected]

Organizing/Volunteering Hub for Jill

North Carolina Jill Stein Organizers

Tools to get you started

• Write-In Instructional Flyer

Other Jill2016 Campaign Flyers

• Sample Letters to the Editor

Connect with other Stein/Baraka supporters in your community: 

North Carolina Green Party website

North Carolina Green Party Facebook group

North Carolina Green Party Facebook page

Jill Stein for North Carolina Facebook page


How to Cast Your Write-In Vote

Click the image to download a PDF.


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