Socialism, Bernie Sanders, and the Democratic Party: Debating the 2016 Election

The International Socialist Organization has been organizing discussion panels across the country on whether socialists and the broader left should be supporting the Bernie Sanders campaign or backing the Green Party. The following panel, titled "Socialism, Bernie Sanders, and the Democratic Party: Debating the 2016 Election," was held in NYC in mid-December. See the full video below.

Green Party of New York State co-chair Gloria Mattera speaks beginning at minute 20:45 and argues that the left needs to support Jill Stein and the Green Party now, rather than later. Mattera is also a senior staffer with the Jill Stein campaign.



Dustin Guastella
Coordinator and organizer for the Democratic Socialists of America’s "We Need Bernie" campaign and leader in DSA’s Philadelphia Local

Danny Katch
Member of the International Socialist Organization and author of Socialism . . . Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation (Haymarket Books, 2015)

Gloria Mattera
Co-chair of the NY State Green Party, ran for Brooklyn Borough President in 2005, ran for New York Lieutenant Governor in 2010

Bhaskar Sunkara
Editor of Jacobin Magazine

Daniel Kroop
Socialist Alternative

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