Raleigh Holiday Parade




Today, Nov 20, from 9:30 am to noon, the City of Raleigh will have a Christmas Parade. Raleigh promoters estimate an attendance of 65,000 people.

This is an enormous opportunity for us to get necessary signatures for ballot access, and we will be out doing just that. The more volunteers that turn out, the more signatures we can get.

The parade route, which starts at the intersection of Hillsborough and St. Mary's St., can be found at https://grma.org/christmas-parade/parade-day-map-route-of-parade/.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: You will need a clipboard, one or more good pens, and some petitions. The petition can be downloaded and printed from our website at https://www.ncgreenparty.org/petition. You should bring at least 10 copies.

If you cannot print copies, call Wayne at (919) 491-3186, and he will arrange to get them to you at the parade.

HOW TO PETITION: In North Carolina, we have to collect petitions by county. If you encounter a voter from Wake and a voter from Orange, they must sign different copies labeled with the county at the top. Fill in the county with a pen, and make sure only voters from that county sign that petition. Legibility is important. The information on the petition is used by the Board of Elections of each county to determine the validity of the signature. If a signer asks about mail/spam, you can tell them that the information cannot be used to send mail or advertising. Signers can be assured of the security of the petition.

HOW TO TURN IN PETITIONS: Option 1 - call Wayne while at the parade at (919) 491-3186 and he will arrange to meet you. Option 2- Mail the petitions to NCGP Petition Drive, PO Box 6022, Cary, NC 27519. We'll take it from there.


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