Emergency Press Rally for Democracy and Voter Choice

*BREAKING* The NC Carolina Green Party has won a comprehensive victory in Federal Court! 

JOIN US and our 2022 candidates at this Emergency Rally and Press Event for Democracy and Voter Choice to demand that the state level lawsuit be dropped and to celebrate our federal court victory!

WHERE: In front of Terry Sanford Federal Building 310 New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC

WHEN: MONDAY, AUGUST 8. Rally participants please arrive by 11am to park. The rally will begin promptly a few minutes before 11:30am. Please dress for the weather. We will have refreshments.

It looks very hopeful that our 2022 NC Green Party candidates will likely be on the ballot this November, however, outrageously, we are still not out of the clear. The NC Democratic Party has sued us (and the Board of Elections), at the state level and we anticipate further legal actions from them in the near future. These tactics are designed to wear us down and deplete our very modest resources as a member dues-powered party of working people that does not accept corporate cash. 

NC Green Party applauds this court order which comprehensively vindicates our party who have only functioned transparently and in full accordance within the statutes of NC law. This important legal victory comes on the heels of unprecedented voter intimidation, harassment and fraud perpetrated by well-financed partisan operatives to keep us off the ballot.

There is a reason why unaffiliated voters have become the largest voting bloc in our state. People are dissatisfied with the non-solutions of the politics of fear and division. They are hungry for new ideas and solutions.

We are tired of being corralled into the dead-end politics of fear and cynicism that marks political parties beholden to Wall Street money and corporate interests. We are trying to fundamentally redefine what an American party is and move beyond the era of Coke vs Pepsi politics where voters are presented two unlikable options without much input and then fear-mongered into believing these candidates are owed our vote.

The NC Green Party and it dedicated supporters went through extraordinary efforts to collect well over the required signatures for party recognition because we speak to the concerns of millions of voters and our independent voice must be allowed on the ballot this November and beyond!

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