Why Both Wall Street Parties Are a Dead End for People of Color with Angela Walker

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Join Green Party/Socialist Party 2020 Candidate for Vice President Angela Walker and a panel of others as we discuss why BOTH parties of Wall Street have proven time and time again over the last century. Time and time again both ruling parties have proven dead end trap for People of Color and for any real substantial change towards our collective survival!

This system is killing us and it’s destroying our planet and our communities. We need truly revolutionary change to stop it! In order to fight for real revolutionary change we must organize independently of Wall Street corporate bosses and big money grants and donors.

For decades the Democrats have faked left and moved right. They talk about inclusion to get our votes and then they consistently betray us. This is because the Democrats and Republicans are owned by big business (nationally) and corporate developer money (locally) and have no intention on changing that. They rule us by buying off our political misleadership class, by keeping us afraid of exploring anything else, and by keeping us afraid of our own power. But they will never include us and certainly never give us power. This is slavery by another means: we need freedom!

Revolutionary Change = Independent Power
#NoShortcuts #NoRetreats
September 01, 2020 at 6:00pm - 9pm

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