Statement of Purpose


Greens are community activists: Organizing for sustainable communities, for the rights of all working people, for the responsible use of natural resources, and for nonviolent solutions to international conflicts.

Greens will run candidates: Striving to overcome North Carolina's prohibitive election laws and run candidates for local, state, and national offices.

Greens believe citizen politics transcend elections: Employing consumer boycotts, public demonstrations, and cooperative community organizing in solidarity with our allies.

Greens educate ourselves and the public: Sponsoring public forums on Green politics, the electoral process and its reform, and issues of war and peace, social justice, and ecology.


The Green Party began in the 1980s to bring a new vision and new values to politics in the U.S. by uniting Americans behind progressive, multi-issue citizen politics. Now, as we face a growing healthcare crisis, corporate control of our “representative” government, falling real incomes, continuing racism, and the scapegoating of immigrants and the LGBTQ community, the Green Party's call for greater social equity and justice is more timely than ever.

Internationally, Greens continue to oppose war. We recognize armed conflict as the ultimate failure of diplomacy and seek to use America's strength and wealth to enhance global security rather than resorting to military force. Wars fought on foreign soil serve only to enrich wealthy interests and distract citizens from dire and unmet needs at home.

Finally, in an age of global warming and diminishing fresh water supplies, corporations increasingly control and exploit forest, ocean, and subsoil resources for the benefit of a relatively privileged few and to the long-term detriment of the planet. The Green Party advocates citizen control of these resources, and recognizes that irresponsible use of these resources threatens the environment and human survival. 


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