Join Our "NCGP Actions" Listserv

Thank you for joining the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP). Now that you're a member, we'll be adding you soon to our Google Group, NCGP Actions. It is the official forum for the NCGP Coordinating Committee to communicate party business and announcements with membership and for membership to communicate with the Coordinating Committee and other members. Members may unsubscribe from the group if they wish, but we encourage you to stay subscribed to remain informed.

Though we plan to add you as soon as we can, if you prefer, you can request access to the NCGP Actions Google Group right now.

Once you've been admitted, you can post to the group at the web interface or by sending an email to the group's email address, [email protected]. Please use your real full name when creating a profile in the group. We suggest all members bookmark the NCGP Actions URL and participate in the group. We look forward to hearing from you there!

Please also tell us how you'd like to help build the NCGP at our Volunteer Page. You can sign up to help with several initiatives.
Are you at this page but you're not a member of the NCGP yet? That's OK, you can sign up to be a member at our Membership Page.


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