Donate: Help Us Organize for Hawkins/Walker in North Carolina!

We're fundraising to get out the vote for the Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker presidential ticket in North Carolina. This is not only critical to the growth of our party but for us keeping our ballot access! Our goal: win at least 2% of the vote for Hawkins/Walker in our state. 

Two percent means the NCGP automatically retains its ballot line for 4 more years to run Green candidates. Otherwise we may lose ballot access for several months or longer, and we will be required to collect tens of thousands of petition signatures to get it back!

Please donate now to help us organize for H20—and to build the North Carolina Green Party. The two major parties have utterly failed the people and the planet. Help us build our own political power independent of the two capitalist parties!

Your donation will be used for:

  • Increasing voter registration and candidate interest for 2020–2024.
  • Sending out mailers to statewide registered Greens.
  • More signage and getting signs to volunteers in every town—rural as well as larger cities! 
  • Door hangers and other important materials for Get Out the Vote and membership-building efforts.
  • Training volunteers and having limited volunteer stipends. 
  • Distributing materials on campuses and other areas with a large percentage of likely voters.
  • Other critical volunteer materials including PPE, hats, and badges.
  • Phonebanking and textbanking for GOTV and membership drives.

Want to donate AND become a member of NC Green Party? Join Now!

$1,765.00 raised
GOAL: $7,500.00

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