North Carolina Green Party to Sanders Supporters: Help Us Build Political Power Independent of the Capitalist Parties

With the news that Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for president, our hearts go out to our friends and the millions of Bernie supporters who invested so much of their time, passion, and funds over the last several years to fight for economic and social equity and justice, Medicare for All, and a Green New Deal.

Please keep your fire burning and break from the corporate two-party system that continues to fail us over and over again! No more lesser of two evils. We, the North Carolina Green Party, invite you to stand with us and demand an actual democracy that represents all of us. Now more than ever, we’re reaching out to all of you to help us build a better world.

We believe that this current COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected every one of us, clearly reveals how poorly suited capitalism is in responding to crises. In particular, it exposes the weaknesses of our for-profit healthcare system and the way the US treats its working class and poor. On March 25, the NC Green Party published its Response to COVID-19, which includes actions we believe must be taken. 

In the Green Party you will find like-minded people already engaged in this work; you’ll find a party determined to take on this corrupt system. We are not and have never been corporate-funded or organized by big moneyed interests. We are the definition of grassroots.

Our Mission:

The North Carolina Green Party is an anti-racist, feminist political party that supports gender equality and gender diversity. We reject capitalism in favor of a democratically run economy that responds to the needs of community and planet.

We believe positive social and political change will come when progressive and radical people determine that movement activism must also include this critical element: building our own political power outside the confines of the capitalist two-party system. For this reason, the North Carolina Green Party is a membership-based, dues-paying party and is fundamentally and structurally different from the two major parties—we’re funded by individual working-class members, not corporate interests and the ruling elite.

Joining the Green Party is a revolutionary act. United, we will be an undeniable force in the continuing revolution for people, planet, and peace! Join us!


In Solidarity,

The North Carolina Green Party

[email protected]


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