North Carolina Green Party Selects Candidates for November 2018 Elections

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Thursday, July 5, 2018



Our press release sent out Monday, July 2, incorrectly stated that candidate Robert Corriher is from Winston-Salem. Corriher is recently of Greensboro and currently resides in Mebane, with plans to return to Greensboro during the campaign season.



Tony Ndege, co-chair -- [email protected]
Tommie James, co-chair -- [email protected]



The North Carolina Green Party held its 2018 Nominating Convention beginning on Wednesday, June 27, nominating 3 candidates to run on the Green Party ballot line, and endorsing 1 candidate to run as a Green for nonpartisan local office.

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North Carolina Green Party Nominating Convention Scheduled for June 27

North Carolina Green Party



Wednesday, June 20, 2018



Tony Ndege, co-chair -- [email protected]

Tommie James, co-chair -- [email protected]



The North Carolina Green Party’s online nominating convention has been rescheduled and will be held Wednesday, June 27, at 7:00 p.m. Our endorsement procedure requires additional time to evaluate potential candidates, an important process for us as a new party. We thank our members and supporters for their patience as we work to further the growth of the party in North Carolina.

Further convention details will be posted on our website,



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North Carolina Green Party Seeks Candidates for 2018

The North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) looks to run candidates to run for all levels of office. The NCGP is a ballot-qualified political party, which means that as of 2018, the NCGP can nominate and run candidates as Greens with the "Green Party" designation beside their name on ballots for partisan races. We can also run candidates with a Green Party endorsement for nonpartisan and partisan races. If you're interested in running for office with the Green Party, whether endorsement or nomination, read our requirements and FAQs on this page.

For the 2018 elections, the NCGP will nominate its candidates via a convention of registered Green voters and NCGP members. There will be no Green primary in 2018. After 2018, the NCGP will nominate its candidates via primary or via convention, depending on state laws governing the particular race.


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North Carolina Green Party Earns Ballot Access


As of March 27, 2018, the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) is now a ballot-qualified party. That means we have ballot access—we’ll be able to run Greens as Greens for all levels of office, and North Carolina voters can now register to vote as Greens.

The North Carolina Green Party is a membership organization. Even though voters may now register to vote Green, if you want to become a MEMBER of the North Carolina Green Party, we have specific requirements for that, including modest annual dues. Residents of North Carolina who experience state disenfranchisement and are unable to register to vote may also become members of the NCGP. For more information and to become a MEMBER of the NCGP, visit our Membership Page.

The State Board of Elections has printed new voter registration forms with the "Green" option on them. Voters may register to vote Green by downloading a voter registration form from the State Board of Elections website here. In the form's Political Party Affiliation section, mark the "Green Party" checkbox.

If you have an old form that does not list "Green Party" as an option, you can still register Green with that form -- simply check the "Other" box in the Political Party Affiliation section and then write in the word "Green."

Thanks for all of our members' and supporters' help getting the NCGP on the ballot! 

Dee Williams Breaks Through Asheville Primary, Pushes Onward Toward the General

On Tuesday, October 10, Dee Williams placed fourth in the Asheville, North Carolina, City Council primary out of a field of twelve at-large candidates. Williams, a member of the Western North Carolina Green Party, is the first Green candidate to break through a city council primary, and is now one step closer to becoming in the first Western North Carolina Green Party member elected in the state. This historic grassroots campaign has been powered by a diverse cast of passionate volunteers. Williams, who received 1,179 votes in the 2015 primary, nearly tripled her votes this year, with 3,408 votes. Screen-Shot-2017-05-18-at-1.47.03-PM-1.png
Dee’s platform issues include: living wage jobs and the investment into and purchasing from local businesses, permanently affordable housing with Community Land Trusts, and development of effective regional land use planning to develop a multi-modal transportation system with a dedicated source of revenue which will reduce car use and reduce our carbon footprint in Western North Carolina.

Dee owns Dee Williams and Company, Inc., a professional services firm which provides business and nonprofit community economic development, commercial loan packaging to businesses, construction training / bid preparation and certifications to minority contractors, nonprofit technical assistance, and training.

In community activism, Dee organized and successfully negotiated with the largest employer in Western North Carolina, Mission Health, to pay a living wage and to remove the “ box” from its job applications, which mandated that applicants with an arrest record and/or felonies indicate such by “checking the box.” These successful negotiations affected over 10,000 jobs at Mission Health and potentially billions of dollars in hiring new employees at a living wage. Dee also negotiated the first contract ever extended to a black-owned firm by the City of Asheville, and while contracted and deployed as a subcontractor with the Atlanta National Office of the US Department of Commerce, she authored the City of Asheville / Buncombe County Minority/Women’s Business Plan.

Dee looks forward to the November 7, 2017, primary and continuing to spread the message of putting the needs of Asheville residents first. Williams has been endorsed by the Western North Carolina Green Party, the Asheville branch of the Democratic Socialists of America, the WNC Central Labor Union (AFL-CIO), and the Asheville branch of the International Socialist Organization.

Her website is at

North Carolina Green Party supports Durham protesters, removal of Confederate monuments and symbols



North Carolina Green Party



Friday, August 18, 2017



Tony Ndege, co-chair -- [email protected]

Jan Martell, co-chair -- [email protected]



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Green Party Condemns Charlottesville White Supremacist Terror Attack


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States is calling for vigorous prosecution of white supremacist groups responsible for the violence, injuries, and deaths that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, August 12.

Greens said that the violence inflicted on anti-racist counter-protesters, including a car driven into a crowd that killed one person and injured more than two dozen others, was a deliberate act of domestic terrorism.

Green Party of the United States

For Immediate Release:
Monday, August 14, 2017

Scott McLarty, Media Director, 202-904-7614, [email protected]

Videos from the U.S. Green Party's 2017 Annual National Meeting in Newark, N.J., July 13-16:
press conferences, plenary speeches, and more

The Green Party strongly condemns the white supremacists and their rally and violent actions and expressed solidarity with all those who participated in the counter-demonstrations.

White supremacist and neo-Nazi organizations thrive on violence and threats of death and mayhem. They support a violent overthrow of the U.S. government and various forms of subjugation, expulsion, and extermination for all people of color, LGBTs, immigrants, Jews, Muslims, and anyone who doesn't conform to their vision of a white gentile male-dominated society based on an extremist "blood and soil" ideology.

The violence on the University of Virginia campus was consistent with the openly expressed intention of white supremacist groups to provoke a "race war" and clearly fits the definition of terrorism.

President Trump responded by casting blame "on many sides," as if peaceful anti-racist protesters were responsible for the attacks they suffered.

The president's reaction betrayed the influence of advisors like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, who have ties to fanatical far-right, neo-Nazi, anti-Muslim, and white supremacist organizations. Greens said that Mr. Trump's loyalty to these staffers makes him unfit to occupy the White House. (On Monday, the president condemned "criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups" after widespread criticism of his initial response on Saturday.)

The Green Party counts nonviolence and respect for diversity among its Ten Key Values and has endorsed Black Lives Matter and its demand for racial justice. The party also recognizes and upholds the right of self-defense, in keeping with the Key Value of nonviolence. Greens support efforts to eradicate racism and other forms of discrimination, including removal of public monuments that glorify Confederate leaders and military personnel.

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Charlottesville Was Not a "Protest Turned Violent," It Was a Planned Race Riot
By Zenobia Jeffries, Yes! Magazine, August 12, 2017

Western NC Green Party Endorses Dee Williams for Asheville City Council

The Western North Carolina Green Party is proud to support our candidate for Asheville City Council, Dee Williams. With degrees in political science/economics, accounting, and business administration, she brings practical skills and experience to the job.

She is the current chair of the Asheville-Buncombe NAACP Criminal Justice Reform Committee and the Economic Justice Workgroup, which is working to create permanent affordable housing in place of the currently “sunsetted” affordable housing, which reverts to market-priced housing after several years.

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NCGP Co-Chair Tony Ndege Makes the Case for Political and Organizational Independence from the Democratic Party

CHAPEL HILL, February 27—North Carolina GP co-chair Tony Ndege (seated far left) speaks on the topic "Toward a New Party? A Discussion of Leftist Electoral Strategy" along with fellow panelists Lamont Lilly (Workers World Party 2016 VP nominee) and Durham city councilor Jillian Johnson (Durham for All). Panel discussion begins at minute 12:50 of the video below.

Tony's message: The left needs to break free of the Democratic Party and create its own political institutions, like the North Carolina Green Party, so that radical and progressive change won't get squashed within our own organizations by status quo, "pragmatic" Democrats in service to capitalist interests. The Green Party is a member-based, member-funded party with five chapters across the state. Join us at our Membership Page.

Thanks to NC Piedmont Democratic Socialists of America ( for organizing the event.

Western NC Green Party Chairs Speak Out Against Gentrification

Western NC Green Party co-chairs Eddie Julius Milanes and Camille McCarthy speak out against gentrification at Asheville City Council meeting.

Contact: 828-552-4782; [email protected]




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