North Carolina Green Party Upholds Presidential Recognition Requirements

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June 30, 2020

2020 Presidential Recognition Process

On Monday, December 2, 2019, the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) submitted its slate of presidential candidates to the State Board of Elections. North Carolina state law dictated a December 3, 2019, deadline for our party to submit our presidential primary candidates’ list to the State Board of Elections. The list the NCGP sent to the State Board included only one candidate, Howie Hawkins. We’d like to outline why. 

The NCGP has a committee (the Endorsement Committee) that reviews candidate qualifications for all elections, including president. Both that committee and the NCGP Coordinating Committee reviewed candidate qualifications for the 2020 presidential primary and made determinations prior to submitting our list to the State Board of Elections. 

As a GPUS-affiliated state party, it is the NCGP’s right and responsibility to set our own qualifications to be recognized as an NCGP candidate, no matter the office. Like many states, our ballot access is dependent upon a Green Party presidential candidate appearing on November 2020 ballots. North Carolina law is unique in that it allows the NCGP to retain our ballot line for the next 4 years if the national Green Party’s presidential nominee appears on the ballot in at least 37 states. Therefore, it was essential that we develop a method of assessing a candidate’s ability to run a successful presidential campaign. That includes having a base of support, a campaign team, the ability to raise the bare minimum of funds to run a national campaign, and a campaign that is actively working to get on the ballot in every state. 

With that in mind, the NCGP developed our policies and procedures for assessing a candidate’s capacity to run a national campaign. You can read these policies and procedures on our website. The NCGP’s requirements are not strenuous and were established with the goal of running viable nationwide presidential campaigns that show evidence of planning to achieve ballot access in most if not all states. The first metric we established is that the candidate must be officially recognized as a Green Party of the United States (GPUS) presidential candidate. Therefore, we sent a statement explaining our state-mandated deadline and our recognition requirements to the two candidates who had been officially recognized by GPUS at that time: Dario Hunter and Howie Hawkins. No other candidates had been recognized by GPUS at that time. You can learn more about GPUS’s presidential acknowledgment process, developed by its Presidential Candidate Support Committee (PCSC), on its website. 


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Let's Celebrate Earth Day by Dismantling Duke Energy

Please celebrate Earth Day with the North Carolina Green Party by joining us in a critical demand of the environmental justice movement: the fight against corporate criminal and energy giant Duke Energy Carolinas.

My name is Forrest Hinton—cochair of the Triad Area chapter of the North Carolina Green Party, reproductive justice activist, black lives activist, LGBTQ rights activist, and member of the Working Class and Houseless Organizing Alliance in Greensboro.

I’m writing to wish you a happy Earth Day on this 50th anniversary!

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North Carolina Green Party to Sanders Supporters: Help Us Build Political Power Independent of the Capitalist Parties

With the news that Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for president, our hearts go out to our friends and the millions of Bernie supporters who invested so much of their time, passion, and funds over the last several years to fight for economic and social equity and justice, Medicare for All, and a Green New Deal.

Please keep your fire burning and break from the corporate two-party system that continues to fail us over and over again! No more lesser of two evils. We, the North Carolina Green Party, invite you to stand with us and demand an actual democracy that represents all of us. Now more than ever, we’re reaching out to all of you to help us build a better world.

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North Carolina Green Party Responds to COVID-19 Crisis

The outbreak of the specific coronavirus strain now working its way through the US has exposed many weaknesses in the US healthcare system, and in the way the US treats its working class and poor. As the Democratic and Republican parties argue over helping the 1% versus the rest of the country, the North Carolina Green Party recommends that both federal and state governments undertake the following actions to ensure that working-class families and the poor, including the homeless, have a chance to emerge unscathed, both physically and financially, from the impact of COVID-19.

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News for March 18, 2020

Check out the following news and updates from the North Carolina Green Party:

North Carolina Green Party’s First Presidential Primary March 3

Thanks to all of our Green voters who showed up to vote Green on Super Tuesday, or during early voting!

For the first time ever, the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) held a state-run presidential primary to apportion delegates to the national Green Party's Presidential Nominating Convention, to be held this July in Detroit. Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, co-founder of the national Green Party and the first US candidate to run on a Green New Deal in 2010, won with 67% of the vote! Howie is committed to independent working-class politics for a democratic, socialist, and ecological society. North Carolina’s four delegates to the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) convention will be elected at our Spring/Summer Gathering and carry their votes to Detroit on July 11. 

Howie Hawkins protesting Duke Energy

Howie Hawkins at Duke Energy press conference, Charlotte, May 2019.

Charlotte Greens Stand Up Against Duke Energy

Charlotte Area Greens joined other local activist groups to protest Duke Energy’s proposed 6.7% rate hike hearing held by the NC Utilities Commission January 26 in Charlotte. Over 70 people showed up for the hearing and dozens of protesters gathered outside for a press conference. Charlotte Greens were at the front of the crowd, and the event was covered by major local TV and radio stations.

Duke Energy is proposing to raise its rates to force its captive ratepayers to cover the cost of state-mandated cleanup of coal ash contamination from Duke's dirty energy plants. The NCGP is calling for an end to Duke’s monopoly power—make them clean up their mess, and bring our energy grid under public control.

Charlotte Greens protesting Duke Energy

Charlotte Area Greens Lilly Taylor, Allen Smith, and Tommie James with other activists at Duke rate hike hearing.

NCGP Adapts to COVID-19 Outbreak

In light of the need to limit personal contact to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the NCGP Coordinating Committee has decided to move our Spring/Summer Gathering to an online venue via video-conferencing. 

The NCGP will be releasing a statement about the impact of the virus on North Carolina, and what the pandemic has revealed about public health response under intensely neoliberal capitalism, with continued privatization of the healthcare system, the concomitant underfunding of public resources, and the lack of hospital beds. One obvious problem is that a universal healthcare system would have removed the need to find funding for the millions of uninsured and underinsured citizens that will come into contact with the virus. The Hawkins campaign has developed a vision for a universal healthcare plan that is worth your attention: Medicare for All as a Community-Controlled National Health Service.

Upcoming Statewide and National Meetings

Planning has just begun for our statewide Spring/Summer Gathering, which will be scheduled for sometime in May or June. As noted above, due to the need to limit personal contact to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the NCGP Coordinating Committee voted to move the venue to an online format. This will be an important meeting, and all members are encouraged to attend. We will be electing delegates to the Green Party's Presidential Nominating Convention, among other business—details will be forthcoming at least three weeks in advance of the gathering.

The GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention is scheduled to be held at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, July 9–12. However, this venue may be changed to an online format depending on the development of the COVID-19 crisis.  Registration is now open at National meetings are a great place to find out more about what other state parties are doing, attend workshops, and meet face-to-face with Greens you may have only met online. Minority scholarships and some travel funding may be available.

Become a Member!

The Green Party refuses all corporate contributions, so dues-paying members play a vital role ensuring NCGP's state and local organizations have the resources needed to build an independent party for people and planet free from the influence of the 1 percent.       

Who can become a member of the North Carolina Green Party? North Carolina residents who are registered to vote as "Green" are eligible to become members of the NCGP after they have affirmed Green Party principles (see our 10 Key Values and platform), set their own dues rate using a budget-friendly sliding scale, and initiated payment of those dues. You choose your own dues level on the honor system, based on what you can pay. Note: Residents who are ineligible to vote due to state disenfranchisement (including but not limited to reasons such as age, criminal record, or noncitizen/undocumented status) may also become members. Email the NCGP secretary at [email protected] if you feel you are ineligible to vote due to state disenfranchisement. All NCGP members, with the exception of noncitizens, shall pay modest annual dues.

Find out more at our Membership Page.

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North Carolina Green Party Endorses Green Candidate Allen Smith for US Congress, District 9 Special Election

Green Party candidate Allen Smith, who is running for US House of Representatives in the District 9 special election this September, has been officially endorsed by the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP). While any registered Green voter can legally file to run for office in North Carolina as a Green candidate, the NCGP reserves the right to endorse a candidate running on its ballot line after a thorough interview of the candidate and review of the candidate's platform.

In a speech delivered at a press conference in front of Duke Energy headquarters, organized by the NCGP in Charlotte on May 30, 2019, Allen clearly summarized the platform of both his campaign and that of the NCGP:

“We need a real Green New Deal—an ecosocialist transformation—not only to combat climate change and revolutionize our infrastructure, but to re-engineer our social order. A Green New Deal that says no to war and imperialism by taking the billions of unnecessary dollars that we pour into our Defense Department—that also happens to be the world’s worst polluter—and redirecting those resources into sustainable programs that fulfill basic human rights like healthcare by providing improved Medicare for All. A Green New Deal that creates 20 million new jobs and provides a just transition for all the working folks whose livelihoods will be affected when we end our dependence on fossil fuels. A Green New Deal that democratizes our energy system through public ownership and control, because clean energy is a human right.”

The press conference was covered by the South Charlotte Weekly

More information:

Allen Smith, Green Party candidate for US House District 9

[email protected]


Allen's Duke Energy Press Conference Speech


North Carolina Green Party:

Tony Ndege, co-chair, 336-577-1421

Tommie James, co-chair, 704-280-3070

[email protected]


Allen Smith, Green candidate for US House District 9

Allen Smith, Green candidate for US House District 9

NCGP endorses National Prison Strike


Friday, August 24, 2018

Contact: Tony Ndege, co-chair -- [email protected]


The US has the largest prison population in the world, both in real terms and as a percentage of the population. Prison populations are disproportionately people of color, highlighting the ongoing institutionalization of white supremacy.

Incarcerated workers usually receive less than $1.00 an hour, often while enduring poor food, indifferent guards, and bad living conditions.

“Prisoners should be paid fair market wages for their labor, not used as a source of cheap labor for for-profit companies,” said Wayne Turner of the North Carolina Green Party.

Tommie James, a co-chair of the North Carolina Green Party, noted that “The United States supposedly ended slavery, but the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution left a loophole to the commitment to end involuntary servitude. Its exploitation is shameful.”

The North Carolina Green Party acknowledges the inhumane conditions endemic in the US carceral system and supports incarcerated persons in their efforts to end prison slavery and to ensure that the justice system prioritizes rehabilitation and recidivism reduction over punishment imposed by long, unjust sentences and death by incarceration. We support the strikers’ demands for the immediate end of racist social control and the repeal of the laws that uphold it.

For a complete list of the strikers' demands, visit

The North Carolina Green Party is an anti-racist, feminist political party composed of dues-paying members committed to social, racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice. This year, the state party earned ballot access for the first time in history, and it is now running four candidates for office in the November elections. 


NCGP website:
NCGP Facebook page:
NCGP Twitter: @NorthCarolinaGP

North Carolina Green Party supports Chapel Hill protesters, removal of Confederate monuments and symbols


Thursday, August 23, 2018


Tony Ndege, co-chair -- [email protected]


The North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) stands in solidarity with protesters in Chapel Hill who removed the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue on University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill campus on Tuesday, August 21.

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North Carolina Green Party Selects Candidates for November 2018 Elections

North Carolina Green Party



Thursday, July 5, 2018



Our press release sent out Monday, July 2, incorrectly stated that candidate Robert Corriher is from Winston-Salem. Corriher is recently of Greensboro and currently resides in Mebane, with plans to return to Greensboro during the campaign season.



Tony Ndege, co-chair -- [email protected]
Tommie James, co-chair -- [email protected]



The North Carolina Green Party held its 2018 Nominating Convention beginning on Wednesday, June 27, nominating 3 candidates to run on the Green Party ballot line, and endorsing 1 candidate to run as a Green for nonpartisan local office.

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North Carolina Green Party Nominating Convention Scheduled for June 27

North Carolina Green Party



Wednesday, June 20, 2018



Tony Ndege, co-chair -- [email protected]

Tommie James, co-chair -- [email protected]



The North Carolina Green Party’s online nominating convention has been rescheduled and will be held Wednesday, June 27, at 7:00 p.m. Our endorsement procedure requires additional time to evaluate potential candidates, an important process for us as a new party. We thank our members and supporters for their patience as we work to further the growth of the party in North Carolina.

Further convention details will be posted on our website,



NCGP website:

NCGP Facebook page:

NCGP Twitter: @NorthCarolinaGP


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