Official Write-In Certification Approved: NOW THE FUN PART!

UPDATE (AUGUST 15, 2016):

Great News! Green Party Presidential Nominee Jill Stein has been OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE for North Carolina. This means that if you write in 'Jill Stein" instead of selecting one of the listed candidates, YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT. North Carolina uses roughly 70% optical-scan ballots and 30% electronic voting machines, so we will have VERY SPECIFIC information on how to write in Jill Stein for president on both voting methods posted to our site by Sept 15! 

Thanks to the help of dozens of committed volunteers, we submitted nearly three times the signature requirement for a write-in candidate, and we could have gone much farther had we not seen on the state site how many we already had. This bodes EXTREMELY well for the future of ballot access in North Carolina! We can begin collecting petition signatures for the 2018/2020 campaign any time. We will post the link to the petition form shortly. In the meantime, please VOLUNTEER to get the word out about the Jill Stein campaign. If you have Facebook, PLEASE JOIN this group to post events: 

North Carolina Jill Stein Organizers: 

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North Carolina Jill Stein Organizers

North Carolina Green Party Facebook group

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