Form a Caucus

What Is an Identity Caucus?

An identity caucus is an organization of self-identified individuals who share common experiences or characteristics. The purpose of identity caucuses is to give representation in the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) to groups who have been historically underrepresented, marginalized, and oppressed in order for these individuals' voices to be amplified and to better work together across the state to support struggles against injustice and the institutional privilege that exists in our society.

Currently the NCGP has no caucuses, but we're looking to form them. If you are interested in forming a caucus, please let us know so we can assist you in this process.

One way for NCGP members to begin building NCGP identity caucuses is to join a caucus of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). A number of caucuses have formed within GPUS and welcome new members from any state party. If you are considering forming a caucus in North Carolina, joining a national caucus is a great first step in the process. In order to join a national caucus, North Carolina residents must be members of the NCGP, per NCGP bylaws.

GPUS Accredited Caucuses
Black Caucus
Latinx Caucus
Lavender Caucus (for LGBTQIA+)
Women’s Caucus
Youth Caucus (for youth and college students)

GPUS Caucuses in Formation
Disability Caucus
Indigenous Peoples Caucus


The following requirements are also outlined in section IX of the NCGP's bylaws.

The party bylaws allow identity caucuses to be accredited with the state party provided that the caucus has at least five NCGP members, as well as membership from at least half of the accredited NCGP local chapters. All caucus members must be members of the NCGP. Accredited caucuses may send two voting delegates to the NCGP Coordinating Committee.

To become accredited with the NCGP, the caucus must:

1) consist of at least five NCGP members,
2) commit to support and uphold the Green Party's Ten Key Values,
3) elect officers,
4) hold at least two publicly announced meetings in a six-month period, and
5) establish bylaws that define identity, membership, principles of governance, and its decision-making process—and the chapter's bylaws must be in compliance with the NCGP's own bylaws.

Documentation of the attainment of these requirements should be sent to the NCGP's Coordinating Committee's secretary as an application to become an affiliated local chapter of the state party. See the Affiliation with the NCGP section below.

If the caucus chooses to raise or spend its own money, it must also register as a legal political committee with the North Carolina State Board of Elections, elect a treasurer who must become certified by the State Board of Elections, and comply with all state campaign finance laws. The preceding are requirements of the state of North Carolina. All information on meeting these requirements can be found at under "Campaign Finance." The caucus's officers may also contact the NCGP's treasurers for assistance with these compliance issues. However, the caucus is not required to register as a legal political committee in the eyes of the state if the caucus opts to not collect any monies and to instead have its activities directly funded by the state party.

Guidance for Forming an Identity Caucus

We have a local growth chair who can guide your group through the process of becoming an affiliated caucus of the NCGP. Get in touch at [email protected].

Read these informational guides from the Green Party of the United States, from Green Party caucuses, and from our state party:

1) NCGP Platform
2) GPUS Platform
3) NCGP Bylaws
4) GPUS Lavender Caucus Bylaws
5) GPUS Youth Caucus Bylaws
6) GPUS Latinx Caucus Bylaws
7) New Jersey GP Black Caucus Bylaws
8) GPUS Organizing Tools
9) GPUS Process Manual—for holding meetings and decision-making

Affiliation with the NCGP

Once your group has met all the Requirements listed above, it should be ready to take the big step of seeking official affiliation with the NCGP. If your organization is ready, please fill out our online NCGP Affiliation Form and submit it to us. New and revived affiliates receive seed money for growth from the NCGP.


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