April 2024 Newsletter




During the winter months, we kept in place our statement standing in solidarity with Occupied Palestine on the website’s home page. Our support has not waivered, while we’ve watched the ongoing situation worsen dramatically and our political leaders continue their complicity in a genocide. The NCGP has remained steadfast, beyond a stance of anti-militarism, and we see identification with the Palestinian struggle growing in our state and across the world. We gain energy from that, despite the heartbreak of the tragedy. We know that our protest of the American-supported Zionist policy of extermination of an indigenous people must be persistent and louder – in our state capital, in our city councils, in DC when possible.

As Greens, we are always involved in a moral fight for justice and universal rights and dignity. Our Values advocate for this, for all peoples, feeling pain at the suffering of any people at the hands or under the bombs of powerful ruling classes. Respecting the human “dignity of the other” has always been central to our advocacy – one of values, dialogue, and diplomacy. We also stand with Palestinians because we challenge neoliberal structures of political power and find allies in our communities dedicated to the fight for liberation of the oppressed. We speak against the network of imperialism, its tool of colonization, its global capitalist system of domination by the US and western powers, so often racialized, subjugating poorer peoples either through legalized apartheid or expropriation of resources by force. We will not be divided in our common humanity, nor be alienated from others whose struggles are the same, whose desires are to live free in a system designed to benefit all people and not just the profits of a few. 

Please continue reading for more quarterly news on our activities and updates on Politics, Labor, and the Environment. Featured toward the end is some inspiration for you from members, books, and history.

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January 2024 Newsletter



So much feels different about this one, right? Here, we see inspired new party leadership, supporter and member numbers growing again, social media sites lively as never before, passionate activists now on the ground weekly … still in the fight for People, Planet & Peace. We Greens aren’t just a party preference, we’re here to make an impact – with our voices, with our partner organizations, with our Green candidates, with YOU. All of us are needed in this fight. The year ahead that we face still remains fraught with raging wars and genocide, injustices, environmental degradation, and more. As Greens, we can’t help but to find it within ourselves to remain undaunted, to bravely speak out about our vision and values, to selflessly act to address shared and challenging problems – for our own communities and beyond. May all of us remain hopeful, determined and courageous in this new year!

Check out and bookmark our website
ncgreenparty.org if you haven’t been there in a while. First see our unwavering Home page statement of solidarity on occupied Palestine. Our About section now displays an NCGP Organization graphic, which is meant to bring a better understanding of how we’re organized and working together. The NCGP is not an enigma, it’s a body of real and dedicated folks who would welcome more help at any number of projects. See the Get Involved page for your possible new year’s resolution.

Also at our About section under Contacts & Officers, we provide a link to NCGP Coordinating Committee Profiles, where you can now read about those currently serving on the Coordinating Committee. We’ve revised Become a Member or Renew Dues, and under Resources, we're significantly adding to our list of Partners & Active Alliances. We’ve added a Calendar to show dates of our major meetings and events. And finally, see our updated Candidates section to follow those endorsed by the NCGP running in 2024.

The NCGP is still seeking volunteers for:  Local Growth Chair, Fundraising Chair, and Media Team Chair. These are appointed positions with a one-year term. If you might be interested or wish to know more, please contact [email protected] to arrange for a conversation by phone.

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Willow-a-Go? We Chant “Hell No!”

STOP WILLOW PROJECT banner in front of the White House

By Michael Dublin

Here we go again! Another corporate party politician making a corporate driven decision that ultimately distresses the already suffering climate and wounds us all. 

The Biden administration broke its promise to voters last week by approving a massive new ConocoPhillips oil drilling project in Alaska called WILLOW over the objections and warnings of environmental experts. The White House says,  “Willow-a-go?” Well we say, “HELL NO." 

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